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Sara Bareilles - Kaleidoscope Heart (Target Bonus)[Retail]

Sara Bareilles 以一首情歌Love Song在幾年前,打上Billboard排行榜.

Track List:

1. "Kaleidoscope Heart" - 1:02
2. "Uncharted" - 3:35
3. "Gonna Get Over You" - 4:16
4. "Hold My Heart" - 4:33
5. "King of Anything" - 3:27
6. "Say You're Sorry" - 4:31
7. "The Light" - 4:23
8. "Basket Case" - 4:12
9. "Let the Rain" - 3:40
10. "Machine Gun" - 4:08
11. "Not Alone" - 3:42
12. "Breathe Again" - 4:58
13. "Bluebird" - 4:09

Target Limited Edition Bonus Tracks:
14. "Gonna Get Over You" (Demo)- 3:44
15. "Send Me The Moon" - 4:59
16. "King Of Anything" (Strings Version)- 3:37 

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